Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life Lately: The Update

Here I am again! Boy, I have not been true to my word, but the blissful summer days of playing with the babe are starting to dwindle, and I am thinking of what life will be like when I return to work in the fall (albeit part time). She will be in day care (for at least part of the day), and with that comes some uninterrupted work time. I was so ambitious, and I truly thought that I would get back to blogging in about two weeks after her birth. No problem, I thought. What else am I going to be doing? Boy, was I wrong. I would say mine is a relatively easy and good-natured baby, but babies are a lot of work, and there is no way around that. Now I have a much better sense of what I actually have time for and what I want to prioritize in my "free" moments. I think that the fall will bring with it some time to get back to the things that I've (rightfully and happily) neglected during the last five months. I have been talking to my good friend about what I might want to do with the blog, and our wheels are turning. This is to say that perhaps instead of less...maybe what's coming down the pike is actually much better! Stay tuned as I figure out just where we are going with this little bloggie baby. And, to those of you who have checked in on my sporadic posting and sent your comments, I am so appreciative. To the others of you who keep asking me what's happened and where I am, I'm here, and I'm not going away just yet!

This is what's been happening lately. I have been in Cape Cod for almost two weeks again, and it is just truly my happy place, and, beautifully, it is also baby's happy place (seemingly). When we walked through the door this last time, she was gleeful, and she learned to roll over here, and went swimming in the Atlantic here, and had a little non-christening christening here last weekend. I wanted to share about that. I knew I wanted to have something to celebrate her birth, but I am not religious at this point in my life. The ritual of a baptism seemed like a nice thing, but more for the opportunity to have family come together, to officially name her godparents, and to celebrate her entrance into our family. So, we planned a small ceremony on the beach with only our immediate family. I asked a friend who is a minister and chaplain to perform the ceremony, and we all gathered at the Cape to welcome N. The day was absolutely beautiful, she behaved like a total champ, and she looked like a million bucks in her totally Cape-ified Lily Pulitzer ensemble with her flower crown. One of the best things we did was ask each family member present to write N. a note with a promise or hope for her future. Many of the sentiments brought me to tears, and I can't wait for her to open them someday and know how deeply she has always been loved. That weekend was a really beautiful moment in my life, and I will look back on that day with great fondess for many years to come.

This past weekend, we spent with friends who have a baby two months younger than N. What a wonderful time we had with another couple who is in the same boat we are! No need to apologize for screaming, explosive pooping, spit up stained clothes, or the fact that it sometimes takes two hours to leave the house. It was totally relaxing, and we plan to make it a tradition!

This week brings us back to CT and my parents' house. This summer has been a tricky one because of J's work and having the new baby, and being with my family has been a total joy. While I know that San Francisco is beckoning me back soon, I am planning to soak up the love (and HELP) in CT for a little while longer.

Oh, and requisite blogger question...who has hit up the Nordstrom sale? Love this time of year!

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