Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's Talk about Push Presents

I know that this idea is crazy to an older generation (although I think they did the same exact thing, but didn't call it by the name "push present"), but I frankly think it is lovely to celebrate the extremely hard work of labor with a little bauble. For some people these presents might be really extravagant (I know this because I was randomly in a jewelry store with Jeff and the woman was trying to sell him diamonds--um, not exactly what we were thinking!), but I know I would like something that is personalized for my daughter. I put together some items of varying prices that I think would be great gifts for a mamma or mamma to be. These would all be wonderful for mother's day, too! Frankly, this jewelry would be beautiful even if you weren't pushing out a baby. You could use any of these pieces to personalize and remember lots of important moments, people, and dates:

I am partial to gold, but lots of these items also come in silver if that is more your style.

1. JANE POPE Long Bar Necklace: Love this customizable piece. It is really elegant.
2. MAYA BRENNER Asymmetric Mini Letter Necklace: This happens to be the one I am hoping to open on baby's birthday. I've loved this necklace for a while now. It is so delicate and sweet. I can imagine it would be something I'd never take off.  You can add up to four letters on the chain. I think I'd like just one...but you'll have to wait and see which one that is!
3. HOUSE OF HARLOW Medallion Locket Pendant Necklace: I love the idea of a locket, and this price point can't be beat.
4. GORJANA AND GRIFFIN Alphabet  Disc Cuff: I posted this before, but this is great for a push present with baby's initial.
5. JENNIFER ZEUNER Individual Number Earring: Pick out just one or if your babe is born on a double digit day, have one for each ear.
6. ASHA Zodiac Ring: I haven't worn any rings for a while because of some swelling, but I think this piece is beautiful.
7. LULU FROST Code Ring: Again, you could do one number or a stack of two, depending on baby's birthday!
8. TINY TAGS Elle Collection: These seem like a pretty classic gift to mark this occasion.

Today marks one week until my due date! Soon enough! Soon enough!

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