Thursday, February 6, 2014


It seemed like time for an update...

FEELING: Pretty good these days. The end of pregnancy is tiring, but I am still plugging away. A lot of my anxiety has given way to excitement about what's to come. The last few days I have been feeling quite clearheaded actually!

THINKING ABOUT: I have been thinking about how to keep up with the blog in the first few weeks after the baby. Lately, I told myself that if I needed to take a break, I could do it. I have been trying to be extremely efficient about my work before my maternity leave starts (and there has been a lot of it), so I haven't had quite as much time as I would have liked in the evenings to blog. But, each day I feel compelled to share something with you all, and I haven't really wanted to give myself that pass! However, I have a feeling that I might need it in the weeks to come. Will you forgive me? Will you stay tuned if I have to check out for a little bit? (Don't worry, I will make sure a baby announcement makes it on here! My mom says she is going to write it for me. Given her computer skills, I am skeptical, but I appreciate the sentiment.) And, whatever happens, I will be back as soon as I figure out this motherhood thing!

EATING: I haven't actually been eating this, but I am craving cake with an obscene amount of it's really calling to really. I am thinking of baking myself a Funfetti cake with Funfetti frosting as a Valentine's Day present. Is that really gross? There is something about that frosting that gets me every time!

WATCHING: Well, I haven't done a Bachelor update! Yes, I am watching this season, and I have to say that The Bachelor has become more like white noise than something I view with excitement. That being said, I do tune in every week because it seems wrong not to; I have watched for so many years! Now Juan Pablo is certainly a looker, though I wasn't sure he spoke English when he was on Desiree's season. He has clearly proven that he does, but I still love it most when he calls himself "El Bach-el-ore." Amazing. He also consistently says "Ai Yai Yai!" when he is really into someone and wants to kiss her. Truth be told, I am somewhat surprised by some of his picks. For instance, I don't see the attraction between him and Sharleen. I can't ever imagine them dating in the real world and her lack of enthusiasm is offensive! If you are going to be on The Bachelor, you have to at least pretend to be excited when you get a rose, right?! Are you watching? If you watch the show and consider yourself a feminist, you have to read this article from The Onion. (Of course, I am also adoring Downton. Love a good quip from The Dowager Countess.)

READING: So pathetic. I can honestly say that the thing I have been reading the most lately is the Pregnant Chicken Facebook feed. What is happening to my mind??? That being said, I am thinking up a list of books I can delve into starting next Friday when I am officially off. I have heard great things about The Goldfinch and The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. Have you read them? I'll keep you posted!

LOVING: I am loving participating in Ashely's Snail Mail Exchange! Yesterday afternoon was rainy and gray, and I snuggled up with a stack of cards, some washi tape, stickers, and pens and markers to do my letter writing! It has been such fun to write and receive cards, to be exposed to new blogs and new people, and to have a reason to run (oh, who am I kidding--waddle) to my mailbox every day! If you are interested in participating, I think Ashley allows new people to jump in each month, so keep your eyes on her blog. (Shout of to the ladies with whom I've exchanged mail: Mae Badiyan, Jenna Laird & Moe Hannan Tufte!) Apologies to my January pen pal--I am a little late, but your snail mail is en route!

BUMMED OUT ABOUT: I wouldn't actually say that I am "bummed out" per se, but I have been thinking a bit about the end of our couplehood. I haven't been enthusiastic about going on dates recently, which is kind of sad given that we only have limited time to enjoy each other's company. I have reflected recently on how much I've enjoyed the fact that we had five + years of married life before baby. It was great. We traveled. We moved across the country. We both started new jobs. We made new friends. We explored new cities. And, while I know that life will be amazing with three, it has been good (really good) with just two. I think it's okay to mourn what was and still be excited about what is to come, right? I am going to try to rally for a little more meaningful couple time while we still have time we can call our own!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: There is pretty much one thing and one thing only that is on my mind these days: meeting my daughter. I can't wait.

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