Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Beauty: The Secret to Clear Skin

Let's consider this a beauty musing, shall we? I think I've discovered the secret to clear skin. I was afraid to tell you about it because I thought I might jinx myself, but I felt it wasn't right to hide such valuable information! Okay, the secret to clear skin is...pregnancy. Now, I know this might feel like a drastic solution to curing your acne, but think of all the crazy things people do in the name of skin care. People put urine on their faces (yes--I know someone who does this), people burn themselves with lasers, cake themselves with mud, let fish chew the dead skin off their feet...So is the pregnancy really so extreme?

In all seriousness, when I first got pregnant my skin went berserk. I had such bad acne that it was actually oozing (and this was happening when I was IN PUBLIC). I know. TMI, but I wanted to get real with you. I was having a total crisis because when you are pregnant you cannot use any acne products on your skin because they get into your bloodstream. The only consolation I had was that the baby would probably be a girl (since I once read an old wives' tale that if you have acne during pregnancy you will have a daughter because it is a sign that she is trying to steal your beauty from you). But, I waited a little while, and suddenly the acne cleared up. Not only did that horrible, beginning of pregnancy breakout clear, but my skin also cleared in general. And it has stayed clear throughout the entire pregnancy. I never realized how much my skin affected the way I felt about myself until I stopped worrying about it. It was rather liberating.

Now, it is impossible to know if it is simply the hormones that have rebalanced my skin, but I have also thought about the fact that I stopped using anti-acne products. Cold turkey. Nothing toxic on the skin. A long time ago a saleswoman at Origins told me that using an excess of acne products actually causes acne because it strips your skin of its natural oils. In an attempt to compensate, your skin produces more oil, and you end up with more breakouts. I am beginning to wonder if it is the stoppage of all those products that has actually been my salvation. I wash with a mild cleanser, and I even moisturize! I NEVER used to moisturize because I used to think moisture = acne. Of course, the real test of this theory comes after the baby is born. I may be back to an anti-acne arsenal lickety split, but I am enticed to see if this much gentler and less abrasive (and abusive) skin regimen has actually been part of the reason for the major difference in my complexion.

Last year at this very time I was ready to resign from the world because of my adult acne, and now I have found the secret to the clear skin universe. Men, if you are reading this, you are out of luck. Pregnancy is where it's at.

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