Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snuggle Up With Tink and Tiger

Recently I stumbled across a new pajama brand: Tink and Tiger. I am really into pajamas right now, as you can imagine. No regular clothes fit me. (That ship sailed a long time ago...) Even maternity clothes are starting to get increasingly uncomfortable. So, I imagine luxurious lounge wear, which, in my fantasy, I will be wearing all the time after the birth of this baby. (The reality probably looks something more like spit-up stained sweatsuits, but a gal can dream...) In my dream, I would spend leisurely mornings holding my peacefully sleeping baby, wearing these beautiful jammies....
The thing I like most about this line is that these pieces are designed to go from the bedroom to the street. For instance, how chic would the silk top look with distressed denim and a heeled sandal? Maybe when I am back to normal size, I will have to splurge on these beautiful items! I mean, who doesn't want to look like this in the morning?

 I'll take it.

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