Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rock On

This rocking chair kept calling to me... we bought it for the baby! I had originally wanted a glider for comfort purposes, but it did not fit in our tiny space. This rocking chair had function (it rocks) and lots of style (it's cool), and the best part is is that it isn't "babyish." It looks just as chic in the living room (where we currently have it) as in the nursery. It is an Eames design, and I originally spotted it on Land of Nod, but the chair is actually made by Modernica, and on their website it comes in a wide variety of colors with different options for the base as well--it is completely customizable. I went with the white for longevity sake, but I have to say that the pink was tempting.  Modernica also offers free shipping, which Land of Nod did not, so major plus there. The chair is rather low, but the seat is quite comfortable for me. Jeff is 6'3' and it is small for him, but hey, it looks good. I think this rocker will grow us, and our babe can always have it in her room. As far as a piece of furniture goes, I am quite smitten with this little chair.

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