Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings: The "Girls" Are Back

After a long wait and a strange second season, the girls of "Girls" are back, and this is such good news! We watched with baited breath last Sunday to see what this season would deliver, and we were so thrilled that Hannah seems to be controlling her neuroses with the help of Adam (fingers crossed for a season free of Q-tip incidents), who is actually making an effort to be a "normal" boyfriend (by begrudgingly attending a taco night at Hannah's place), and Shosh is, as always, a breath of fresh and crazy air (who will "never be bored as long as there is Halloween"). Loved it. There were some real gems in the first two episodes, such as the run-in between Adam, his ex, Natalia, and her friend at Ray's coffee shop. The writing in that scene was beyond, beyond... For instance, Natalia's friend says to (poor) Hannah and Adam:
I hope you two—You should just enjoy your urine-soaked life, f***ing like the two feral animals that you both are. You’re gonna end up with a baby, that you don’t know how to care for. You’re gonna f***in’ kill your kid. You’re gonna give it spoiled formula. You’re not gonna get any milk out of those tits. I just hope that you two enjoy the f***Ing life you’ve chosen. And we? We’re not paying the check. Thanks.
Is that too crass to put on this blog? I have been debating it, but, seriously, who comes up with this stuff? I kind of wish it were me, but I am not sure my mind even works in that twisted way! I would be sort of proud of myself for writing that horrifying exchange. Now that's closure.

And then there was Caroline...

Let's debrief, shall we? Have you been watching? What do you think?

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