Friday, January 10, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This week was LONG. SO. LONG. I find that often happens after after a nice, long vacation. It is hard to get back into the swing of things. It is particularly challenging when one is half way through one's third trimester and sitting hurts, standing hurts, pants hurt, feet get the picture. Luckily, it varies day to day. On Wednesday I was ready to start living on the couch and never leave (although even that was uncomfortable), and on Thursday I felt fine. I have also resigned myself to the necessity of sometimes (I know, I know) wearing spandex to work. I know that leggings are not pants, and trust me, before pregnancy, I would NEVER have worn leggings to work, but desperate times call for desperate solutions! Perhaps it was the spandex wearing that brightened my Thursday!

Okay, I am getting to the fabulous...I think it's easy to focus on the discomfort at the moment, but the fact that the end is in sight is incredibly exciting. What I'm really excited about this week is finally getting down to work on our nursery this weekend. I love a good home design project, so that is fun in and of itself, but a home design project for my little babe is an even more exciting reason to unleash my inner decorista. We have decals to apply, and cribs to build, and little tiny shoes to display! Woo hoo! I am feeling totally inspired by the above nursery. By the way, check out Chloe Fleury's blog. Her baby is insanely adorable (and the family is beyond chic). I hope your weekend is full of projects that make you smile, a respite from the bitter cold, and the peacefulness of getting back into a routine. Happy Weekend!

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