Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Decals to Die For

Theoretically, we are currently in nursery decoration mode. (Realistically, it looks like an episode of hoarders, but we have time...I hope!) I keep coming across new and amazing things that I want to add in the baby girl's room. Recently, I came across these decals when perusing Apartment Therapy nurseries, and I was immediately smitten (with this whole beautiful design, actually)! The decals are designed by Shanna Murray, and they are the perfect way to personalize in my rental without destroying the walls.

Isn't the mirror amazing! It actually comes with a hangable mirror! I may be going a little decal cray cray (since I already purchased these), but I just can't help myself. You can never have too much of a good things, right?

The decals also come in an assortment of colors! 

I'll take the speckled gold, please! Thanks!

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