Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bar None

Lately, I have been dying for a pair of bar stud earrings. I think the trend may be about a year old, but nonetheless they are a great twist on a classic stud. I mostly alternate between my diamond studs (ahem- c.z.- cough) and my pearl studs. Studs are easy, sophisticated, and elegant. But, I think that switching things up a bit with something more modern would be fun. I am actually really gravitating towards delicate gold jewelry these days. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good statement necklace, but for everyday I think I might be going for the gold. Check out these options at various price points (and sizes).

While searching for these studs, I also came across some fantastic new jewelry lines. From top to bottom:

UPPER METAL CLASS (5/8") 45.00
ZOE CHICCO (3/8 ") 128.00
JANE POPE (size unspecified) 198.00
JENNIFER MEYER (5/16") 225.00

I think that the Zoe Chicco pair are my favorites, but I would happily sport any of these fine studs. Valentine's Day anyone?

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