Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Beauty: Holiday Lips

I had a thought yesterday...there are twelve blogging days left until Christmas...and I am a total Christmas fanatic...so let's have twelve days of Christmas inspired posts!! Too much? Too much like I am an extra who escaped from the set of Elf? Can you handle it?!?! I hope the answer is yes, because I'm gonna do it!

In the spirit of the first Christmas inspired post, I was thinking about beauty during the holidays and aside from the typical advice out there (slather yourself with lotion, don't drink too much, put tea bags on your eyes if you do drink too much...those kinds of things), I feel like nothing says holiday beauty like a red lip. I am not really a wearer of lipstick, but something about Christmas time makes me want to go red. I think you have to try a lot of shades to find the right red for you, but here are some inspirational images.

1 - 2 - 3

I picked three blondes because I have blonde hair and wanted to see the different shades that they were wearing. I think I might try the whole red lip and top knot look (a la Elizabeth Olsen) for my upcoming baby shower! This holiday season, I am going on the quest for the perfect red. Here are some that look fancy (and many of these are often listed as favorite reds by people in the know).

Have any of you found your perfect red? Do share it below! I'll keep you posted on my quest!

(By the way, I am also on a quest to find fonts I like for the blog. I am trying out the one above. I know it is recommended to limit the use of fonts to look more elegant, but I feel like I have to give them a whirl to see what I think. Any fonts you love that I should try?)

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