Thursday, December 12, 2013

Peppermint Bliss

I thought I'd offer up a little decorating idea that is fun, festive, and affordable! Last year, I got the idea from decor I saw in Anthropologie. They had placed candles inside hurricanes, and then they filled the hurricanes with various things (depending on the time of year). At Christmas time, the hurricanes were filled with peppermints. I loved this idea. It is so easy, and it looks really cute. (Plus, because you are not eating them, you can recycle the peppermints from year to year!) I bought the hurricanes I've used for under ten dollars at Marshall's (similar). The candle in the photo was from Anthropologie. The actual candle is gone, so I simply poured boiling water into the candle holder, and whatever wax is in the bottom floats to the top. Make sure you let the water cool all the way before removing the wax, and whatever you do, don't pour the waxy water down your sink drain before the wax has completely hardened (or it will harden in the drain!). This little tip allows you to reuse all those candles that come in their own beautiful glass containers. (Some glass can crack when you pour boiling water into it, so do be careful.) I just pop a tea light or a votive into the container now, and voila! When Christmas is over, you can swap out the peppermints for all kinds of seasonal objects! If peppermints aren't your bag, I also saw a version with mini pine cones that looked terrific. What are some of your favorite holiday decorating ideas?

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