Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monday Musings: In Mendocino

Hi all! It's been a divine long weekend away from the stress of work and the oppressive exhaustion I felt leading into the weekend. While everyone else was blogging the s*** out of Black Friday, I was disconnecting in a world far from malls...Mendocino. Back when we decided to stay in CA for Thanksgiving, J. decided it would be a perfect weekend to take a mini babymoon, so he booked us a stay at the absolutely beautiful Blue Door Inn in Mendocino. What does one do in Mendocino, you ask? Not much. And that was just what I needed. Please indulge me as I share some photos from our weekend.

We set off on Friday with plans to take the scenic route and stop for lunch along the way. We stopped in Jenner, CA at a little roadside place called Cafe Aquatica. You wouldn't think anything of it from the road, but it was a hoot. Great food. Live music. Beautiful view. And, a lady giving massages by the water.

When we arrived a few hours later in Mendocino, we were greeted by this lovely little inn.

 And inside...straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog.

Our room was right off the dining room (and the coffee/tea/cookie/wine/snack area--nice), and was complete with a fireplace that we immediately switched on despite the gorgeous weather.

I couldn't recommend this place more. It is one of three properties in town owned by the same people and all have a slightly different vibe. Mendocino is a haven for B & Bs, but I personally hate the chintzy Victorian look, and this was modern, fresh, and elegant. Also, the breakfast prepared by Nan, our hostess, was absolutely amazing. You barely needed to eat again all day. Except we did, at two lovely restaurants: Cafe Beaujolais and Wild Fish. Both were terrific.

The scenery is a huge draw to Mendocino. The town is located on bluffs overlooking the ocean and the sunsets are magnificent.

We almost made it out...but I just couldn't resist. While most of the shops were not my style at all, there was an adorable baby store that was calling my name.

We had a very quiet car ride back to reality as we both had a case of the Sunday blues after such a terrific time. Luckily we had some holiday decorating to pep me up when we got home! Can't wait to share some gift guides with you this week!

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