Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Musings: Baby Shower Bonanza!

Today we are en route back to the West Coast after a wonderful whirlwind of a Christmas vacation in Connecticut. We saw lots of friends and family, we celebrated and ate loads of cookies, and we had some time to just relax with the people we love. One of the highlights of the trip was my baby shower, which was held over the weekend. Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought to realize that a fur vest over a (ginormous) baby bump would not photograph well, so I am not showing you any pictures of me on that auspicious occasion, but it was a really beautiful afternoon. My sister, sister-in-law, mother, and mother-in-law all saw to it that the day was tasteful, fun, celebratory, and sophisticated. We had the shower at one of my favorite restaurants, Carole Peck's Good News Cafe. Obviously, pink was the theme of the day!

We played two great games (it was a shower after all) that were not too cheesy! First was "Guess the Baby." Each guest brought a baby photo of herself, and we all had to guess which picture went with whom. (Winner got a bottle of wine cause that's how we roll). The second game was "Daddy Knows Best." My husband answered a bunch of questions about my pregnancy and the baby, and I had to guess his responses. The person who guessed the most correctly guessed it...a bottle of wine! And, of course, there were lots of lovely baby presents! My mother-in-law did the cutest favors--bottles of different shades of pink Essie nail polish. Loved it.

Because I was not digging any pics of me from the shower, I thought I'd offer up a current belly shot from Christmas day. Almost to 32 weeks!

Tomorrow we are off to celebrate wonderful friends of ours who are tying the knot on New Year's Eve. We are spending two days in St. Helena to enjoy the last trip we will take alone before the baby girl! I hope your holidays were spectacular. Thanks for sticking around during this less than predictable blogging month! Regularly scheduled blogging will commence on Friday. In the meantime, enjoy a wonderful New Year's Eve, and Happy 2014! This is sure to be a fantastic year!

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