Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Keep It Toasty

First things first! This is the 11th blogging day until Christmas...Let the countdown continue!

We are venturing home to the East Coast for the holidays (duh!), and I feel like I have lost my tolerance for cold! This got me thinking about the desperate need for a hat and gloves (particularly because none of my coats zip any more). I was perusing the lovely blog The Refined Woman the other day and spotted this amazing number on Em. I was having major hat envy. You MUST check out Preston & Olivia, the source of her fabulous hat. Perhaps I will have to check out the store when in NYC next week! In the meantime, here are some hat and glove combos for all the ladies in your life. Which one suits you?

THE COOL GIRL: hat - gloves * THE TOMBOY: hat - gloves * THE SOPHISTICATE: hat - gloves
THE PREPSTER: hat - gloves * THE GIRLIE GIRL: hat - gloves * THE FUN LOVER: hat - gloves

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