Friday, December 6, 2013

Gift Guide 2013: For the Guys

In case you are trying to get your shopping done this weekend, I thought I would forgo Fabulous Friday in order to bring you some picks for the men, which are mostly compiled by my menswear consultant, my brother. I added a couple things my own husband wants because you have to put it in the universe, right?!

STEVEN ALAN parka - SKI INSTARSIA sweater - J.CREW tie - RED WING boots - APPLE iPad mini (My guy is dreaming of this little beauty.) - J.CREW gloves - EAST HARBOUR SURPLUS pants - AEROBIE aeropress (To make a delicious single cup of coffee!) - BROOKS BROTHER'S flannel - ALEX MILL flannel (A new line started by Mickey Drexler's (CEO of J.Crew) son. Read about it here.)

Enjoy the weekend, and hope these help your shopping!

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