Friday, December 13, 2013

Fabulous Friday: The Joy of Giving (and Receiving)

I had a good mail day this week!  I was lucky enough to receive this beautiful bauble from the kind people at Carolee.

Obviously, a huge part of the holidays involves the giving and receiving of gifts. And, I would be a liar if I didn't admit that I lurve getting presents (who doesn't?). But, I also love giving the perfect gift. I hate giving practical gifts. My husband actually likes giving and getting practical gifts himself, but I love giving things that someone wouldn't buy him/herself, something they never knew they always wanted. And when I get a gift, I love thinking about the person who gave it to me. I love putting on that grey wooly sweater and remembering that it was my sister who gave it to me last year. I love wearing  that ring from my grandma, or the scarf my brother picked out. I love that kind of sentimental thing.

I have to say, though, a present you don't anticipate is often the most special and most touching, so I was very touched to get this lovely bracelet that will certainly add some sparkle to my holiday! It is from the Carolee Lux collection. If you are in the market for something sparkly for someone special, I urge you to check it out.

This Friday, I am thankful for fabulous surprises that arrive at the end of a long week, for the fabulouness of finding just the right gift, and for the fabulous holiday time with family that awaits me next week! That's pretty sweet. Enjoy your weekend, and I hope it is full of fabulous holiday fun.

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