Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Party

Last night, we had the pleasure of dining at the home of a dear family friend who is famous for her themed dinner parties. The theme of last night's party was "elegance." It was a beautiful, magical evening. Every year, our hostess takes entertaining to the next level as every inch of her house is like a Christmas wonderland.

Take a peak inside...

And the dining room reveal...

 Our lovely and talented hostess with her creation!

I know the pictures are a little dark, but I am writing this at one in the morning (and, besides, the dim lighting gives you a sense of ambiance)!

We sang carols while wearing antlers. We played instruments. And, we enjoyed a most festive and delightful time. It couldn't have been a nicer evening.

Thank you, MEL and Merry Christmas Eve! 

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