Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Beauty

...and as if yesterday never happened, I am here to offer you another beauty rec, since I haven't yet entirely resolved my quest for the next, best thing. But, this purchase was made not to find something bigger and better, but rather to find something equally effective and cheaper. That is also a terrific motivator! Am I right?

When I ran out of my Smashbox Primer, which I do still really love, I thought I'd give Clinique's new Superprimer a go since the price was right and the woman at Sephora was very positive about it. I couldn't decide what my "skin issue" was, so I just went with the Universal Primer option. This one comes in a white tube, but there are lots of tinted varieties for various skin types. For instance, the purple shade corrects for sallowness, the pink shade for dullness, etc. I think that this is definitely a great, less expensive alternative to Smashbox (the only other primer I've tried). It goes on like a lotion, so I feel like I am moisturizing my face when I apply it, and it is light and dries quickly. I did read that it is important to let primers "bloom" (whatever that means) on your skin before applying your makeup, so I try to let it sit for a few minutes before I follow it with foundation, and I do think that makes a difference to how effectively it works. This primer does what primers are supposed to do: prime your skin for a more even application of make-up that lasts longer. My makeup stays put throughout the day (though most days I wear relatively little), and it doesn't irritate my skin or cause it to feel greasy. I give this my stamp of approval. It's funny because I used Clinique a lot when I was in high school, and then I wanted to try the fancier make-up brands, and some are really terrific, but I always seem to come back to Clinique for the face basics. In the spirit of yesterday's post, why mess with a good thing!

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