Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Dreams

I have to say I have been excitedly following Taylor Sterling's Instagram feed for months. She, the beautiful founder of The Glitter Guide and former blogger behind Sterling Style (of which I was an avid follower), is also pregnant. I get loads of pregnancy inspiration from her wardrobe (and her baby's wardrobe!), and I was dying to see what she would do with her nursery! I have seen snippets on Instagram, but seeing the reveal today on the Glitter Guide was awesome! I am feeling very inspired. Funny enough, I had picked out the very same crib for our nursery just the night before I saw this. I had to share these great photos:

The dresser will double as a changing table with a removable pad. I am planning to do the same because we are short on space.

Love the gallery wall over the crib. The prints are adorable, and Taylor said she used plastic instead of glass in the frames in case they ever fell!

J. and I keep having conversations about this Ikea cart because I think it is incredibly handy, and he can't understand why I would need it. Um, I might want to wheel some baby items into the bathroom or the kitchen. Obviously.

Too cute for words, right?

And I adore this little nightlight detail.

This baby has some pretty sweet digs, if you ask me! I would move into this room in a second. I am in the process of getting together an inspiration board for our nursery. Stay tuned next week to check it out. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope that Taylor is sufficiently flatter. What can I say? She has impeccable taste!

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