Thursday, October 17, 2013

What's In My Bag?

I am excited to get to have a little fall weather this week! The forecast for San Francisco on Wednesday was 80 degrees! I know that San Franciscans wait all year for this Indian summer, but by the time October roles around, I'm ready for cool, crisp air. So, in the hopes that I would find just that  in CT and NY, I brought my fall items that I have been looking forward to breaking out.

1. A scarf is a must for fall travel. It's perfect for cool weather and I love having a good scarf on the plane if I get chilly (although this flight was like a sauna).

2. I have two Barbour vests and they are on heavy rotation. One is a standard vest and the other is the liner for my Barbour jacket, and it is a fun plaid. Who doesn't love a good fall plaid?

3. This is my go to maternity shirt. It is more of a tunic and the sleeves stop just above the elbows, which is good for my recurring hot flashes. The front and the back are different materials, so it adds visual interest.

4. My booties! Okay, people, I tried them on with my skinny jeans, and I actually sort of pulled it off. I am officially on the bootie bandwagon.

5. I don't have this particular sweater, but I bought a blazer that is navy and gray during J.Crew's sale last weekend, and it is a great texture, and I like the two toned look. This would be a great alternative if you are looking for something in this vein.

6. The shirt pictured is actually a maternity shirt,  I bought a blue and white striped drapey tee that is similar from J.Crew, and it looks great with the two-toned blazer (and everything else because stripes are essentially a neutral).

7. I never thought I would wear a legit skinny jean. My legs are not my best attribute. Being pregnant made me think, what the hell! My belly is eclipsing my legs anyway, so I gave these a whirl (in the maternity version), and I am suprised by how much I like them. If you are going to wear a tunic style top, I think skinny jeans are the way to go.

8. I am kind of obsessed with this combo sweater/coat. I got it during the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale, but it is on sale right now! It looks really chic. It does run quite large, so if you want a more streamlined look, order a size down.

I am also a big fan of this sweater (I bought two last year), and this hat (which I forgot to bring with me, but I love the baseball hat trend that is happening this season).

Shopbop is having its Friends and Family sale through the end of the day today, so if any of these look good to you, check it out for a discount! 

Now I am off to enjoy some quality time with my peeps!

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