Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Should I Wear?

My sister often contacts me asking me what she should wear for various events, which prompted me to name this post "What Should I Wear?" I also encourage any of you to write in to ask for suggestions for various occasions and situations! We can make it a series! This time, G. was asking me what she should wear to her first job interview. She is a senior in college and needs to purchase something that is budget friendly, business appropriate, and fashion conscious. I tried to keep most of these items at a price point that makes them accessible, yet with a sense of professionalism and versatility that would make them work for most types of interviews. Here are some of the basics in neutral fall and winter colors:

You cannot go wrong with a well fitting blazer, a nice blouse, trousers or a skirt, and pumps. Or, you could go for the one piece wonder: the simple dress. A simple, chic bag can carry your pens, paper, calling cards, resume, and all the other accouterments one needs for an interview.

In terms of putting the look together, a cream, silk blouse is a great staple that looks professional (and can also look chic on the weekends with denim), or a silk shell with some embellishment is another nice option under a jacket for keeping a streamlined silhouette. When you're getting dressed, keep your hems close to the knee, your heels on the lower side (partially for your own comfort and because you aren't heading to the club), and your cleavage put away. And remember, tights or black stockings are your friend. (I don't ever wear nude stockings, but Kate Middleton does, so take that for what it's worth.) If you are wearing a simple top, think about finishing it off with a simple, elegant necklace.

Here's the breakdown (items are listed from left to right):

JACKETS: grey - blue tweed - leather sleeves (All from Target!)

DRESSES: crimson wool - black zippers - black ponte - crimson wrap

PANTS: black trousers - black crops - grey crops - midnight plaid

SKIRTS: grey pencil - black pleated - cobalt pencil

SHOES: black pumps - leopard pumps - nude pumps

BAGS: black 1 - black 2 - black 3

BLOUSES: ivory shell - ivory long sleeved (Both from J. Crew Factory!)

STOCKINGS: black opaque - spanx - black herringbone

NECKLACES: fishbone chain - tassel pendant - tortoise statement

If I were going to pick out the perfect interview outfit for my sister, I would pull the leather sleeved blazer, the black pleated skirt, the ivory silk blouse, the leopard pumps, the opaque black tights, and the fishbone chain. I think she could kill any interview in that sleek, chic, sophisticated, decidedly grownup ensemble.

So, if you want to ask, "What should I wear?" send along your query, and I'll see what I can do!

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