Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Beauty

I almost called in sick today---trying to play catch-up from the weekend took it all out of me! But, I wanted to quickly share a new beauty find that I'm into. This is again courtesy of Birchbox. I am familiar with Ojon as a brand that makes hair products, so I was surprised to find an Ojon mascara in my Birchbox two months back. It happened to arrive just as my old mascara was drying out. So, I gave it a go. I am not terribly picky about mascara, but (if you remember) have been partial to the Clinique variety that "peels" off. This Ojon sample has two sides; one is a restorative Ojon oil conditioning treatment, and the other is a traditional mascara. You apply the treatment and then layer the mascara on top. I think it makes my eyelashes look full and thick, and it is easy to remove. Plus, I like the idea that I am conditioning my eyelashes! It is a bit more expensive than the Clinique as $21, but still not as expensive as some other popular brands. I give this one my seal of approval.

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