Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Beauty

The time has come to talk about the hair donut. Yes, this is a miraculous little tool for giving you the perfect bun. I like to think that I was an early adopter of the hair donut long before the hair donut was actually a thing. Back in the days of grammar school, I was totally into buns. Must have been a remnant from my ballet days of yore (which were, for the record, an abysmal failure). I would put my hair in a ponytail and then secure it with a large scrunchie. Then, I would use the scrunchie as the base for my bun, which I would make by wrapping the hair around the scrunchie and finishing with another elastic, or, if I was feeling particularly cray cray, another scrunchie. Wow. I don't think I've ever used the word scrunchie that many times in a paragraph before. But, I digress.

Enter the 21st century. Now a woman need not use her leftover early 90s scrunchies to make her beautiful buns. She can buy herself a handy dandy hair donut. The basic idea is the same. You put your hair into a ponytail, slip the donut over the elastic, build the bun by twisting hair around the donut, and then you secure the finished product in place with either another elastic or bobby pins (I actually use both to keep it nice and tight--if you have really long hair, I think you would have to use bobby pins). If you are using bobby pins, I highly recommend the Goody Color Collection, which makes options that blend in with your hair. The one major difference between 1995 and today is the positioning of the bun. Back in middle school, the bun sat around the middle of my head. Uncool. You have to bump that bun up into a top knot to rock this look. Put it up high, ladies!

The one downside to this awesome invention that makes you look like you've had your hair profesionally done in three minutes flat is that it starts to hurt after awhile. I find that anytime I put my hair up high on my head I experience this problem. I am not sure if this is common to all people, or if this is a by product of having very thick (and subsequently very heavy) hair. But, I am willing to suffer in the name of beauty.

It's good to get the rest of the style looking sleek when you sport this look, so a little hairspray is a must.

Sidenote: I read this thing a while back, and I can't remember where, but it was saying that when you use a bobby pin, you are actually supposed to put the bumpy, textured side down! Who knew! I always thought that part went up. But, if you think about it, it makes sense. That part has traction and can hold the hair in place. Just thought you should all know about this. You don't have to thank me. My wisdom is free and endless

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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