Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Musings

I totally drew a blank for this post. Lately, and this happens all the time, I say something and then two minutes later I say the same exact thing because I legitimately forgot what I just said. Pathetic. Needless to say, I am not having a lot of deep thoughts...So, I decided to ask my trusty side kick, "Hey, hun, what have I been talking about lately? What's been on my mind?" His response..."Finding a cool pair of maternity pants." Yes, folks, that about sums it up. I am excited to go home this week (number one thing about which I have been obsessively talking), and I am on a never ending quest for good maternity pants. And that's my life.

We leave Wednesday morning to visit the families, and that is certainly taking up most of my mental space, but until then, I have work to get done, and I am taking my second stab at prenatal yoga this evening. I went to a class a few weeks ago that was horrible in which I was the only pregnant person and the room was 100 degrees (and this was after being assured by the woman at the desk  that yes, this was a prenatal class and no, the room would not be heated). Liars. My experience in this class mostly involved sitting, watching people lie on their stomachs (um, obviously not happening for me) and sweating profusely. I did think that my skin felt clearer afterwards...although I am pretty sure that is not the point of yoga. I also cried a lot when I got home. Is that the effect of extreme heat? Basically, it was like one big purge. Unfortunately, it did nothing to help my back pain.

And because this post is not following any logical progression, I will throw out another non sequitor. Does any one else think that booties are hard to wear? I want to be the cool girl who wears booties and skinny jeans, but I am just struggling to make that happen. Pulling off this look would, of course, entail finding this elusive pair of perfect maternity pants with which to pair the booties. I bought this pair (mostly because Caitlin Flemming pinned them and seemed to think they were cool), but I feel challenged to make them look good. Any and all advice on the proper and cool wearing of booties is welcomed. Send it my way.

Oh, did I tell you guys about that prenatal yoga class I tried?

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