Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings: Where to Eat in SF

So we had a GREAT weekend. My brother and sister-in-law were in town, and J. is trying on a part time gig as a concierge (I kid...sort of), so in preparation for this visit he booked approximately 20 reservations anticipating any and all eventualities. Of course, we had to narrow them down, but I think we pretty much got the best of everything. And, we took a few walks in between eating. But, to be honest, we mostly ate. In case you are ever in SF, these are the places we went (and I would highly recommend any of them!):

Friday night we had a very late dinner at Pizzeria Delfina. Amazing, unique pizzas and small plates. I know it can be hard to get into during prime time, but they are quite open at 10:30 pm!

Saturday we had brunch at Foreign Cinema, which we've been to a number of times for dinner, but we've never tried their brunch. Everything was delicious. I do think that part of the draw of Foreign Cinema is the vibe of the place. It may not be the world's most amazing brunch, but it is such a great location, and the serivce is excellent, so everything feels elevate.

Saturday evening, J. surprised everyone with a reservation at Bourbon & Branch. (He had not put that one on the itinerary!) This is a old speakeasy style bar--you actually get a secret password with your reservation that you have to give at the door. There is no food served, but the drink menu is beyond extensive. Not being able to drink, I was sure I would have to have Pellegrino, but I actually had two amazing mocktails that the bartender whipped up without any specific instructions from me. I really wanted to take pictures to share, but no cameras allowed! Everyone else who had real cocktails thought the drinks were amazing.

Saturday dinner was at Nopa, a place J. and I have wanted to visit forever. Everything was divine, and, to top it off, they had butterscotch pudding for dessert, which is kind of my new obsession.

Sunday, we didn't hit the restaurants until dinner time which started with some oysters at Hog Island Oyster Co. in the Ferry Building and ended with tapas at Coqueta. Coqueta has an amazing interior and vibe. Every piece of flatware, glassware, and table accoutrement was so industrial chic. We all wanted the designer's number.

FYI: All of these places require reservations well in advance, so if you are thinking of giving any of them a try, make sure you plan ahead.

In between all the eating, we walked through Muir Woods and took in the Lands End Trail. Does that balance everything out? I meant to take far more pictures than I did, but here are a few of the natural wonders of the weekend.

There is nothing like a delightful weekend with family. This week and next, life is very busy. Posts may not come every day, but I will do my best! If you don't see one for a day, keep coming back! I'm still here!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Monday. 

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