Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Wish I Lived Here...

I was blown away by how in love I fell with Lindsay Souza's amazing home tour on The Glitter Guide yesterday. I have been a longtime reader of her blog, The Pursuit of Style, and have always appreciated her good taste and aesthetic, so I was excited to see her feature. Her home is beyond! I love the way she has clean lines, but lots of color, fun patterns, but in moderation. I am going to hold this up as something to aspire to for my own place. I also love, love, love all the gorgeous lamps and vases she has around the house.

Take a peak for yourselves:

I am obsessed with the gold table in front of the fireplace. I must track that down and buy it! I also love the touches of whimsy like the polka dotted vase or the sunglasses on the bust. I noticed that Lindsay leans a lot of her art against the wall instead of hanging everything. Definitely something I'll try.

I am particularly smitten with her bedroom, which artfully combines orange and purple, two colors I would never choose for myself, but that look fabulous together. I think the combination of the pattern on the headboard and the toile pillows is genius. I would have been too timid to put those together, but they look amazing. Perhaps an orange and purple nursery is in my future!

And here is the designer extraordinaire cute is she?

If I lived in the DC area I'd hire this gal in a heartbeat. Because I don't, I'll have to use her for inspiration! The only problem with these house tours is that they give me the redecorating bug...bad.

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