Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Your Home In The Holiday Spirit

Love these decorations from Dwell Studio!
While I know that Halloween is this week, and I am jumping the gun, I am thinking a bit ahead in terms of decor. When the weather gets colder, I like to find ways to make my apartment feel more festive and cozy. This could also be the nesting impulse kicking in. I showed you a glimpse at my Halloween decorations, but I usually pine (no pun intended) for the day when I can put up my Christmas tree. However, because we are going to be away Thanksgiving weekend and then will be flying home for Christmas two weeks later, I have decided that it doesn't really make sense to buy a tree we will only have up for such a short time. (Boo hoo!) Luckily, I found these fantastic prints, and they are going to be the way to transform my place into a holiday haven. (While these frames are not exactly the right size, I think they would look great with these prints, which can be slightly trimmed down.) It just so happens that I currently have three prints over my couch, so I am going to swap these in. I think that they can be up for Thanksgiving as well because who doesn't like a little peace, love, and joy regardless of the month?

If you are thinking of doing a little holiday redecorating, I think that small things can change the vibe of the room. This is what I would love to see in my place:

You might remember that I had the urge to swap out my pillows in the spring as well because changing pillow covers can give a room an entirely different look in a relatively inexpensive way. A little luxe velvet and gold would help to usher in the holiday vibe. The other thing that can changea room without too much fuss is the use of throw blankets draped over the arm or back of a couch. I adore this furry number from Restoration Hardware, and I also love this black and white sweater blanket. I might not have noticed it online, but it immediately caught my eye when I was recently in Anthropologie. My living room is pretty "whimsical" so the polka dots would fit right in. I have posted many times about the REN Ikea rug. It is so versatile. I typically keep it on my lucite desk chair (which needs the padding), but in the winter I drape it over the back of one of my couches that is on the smaller side. It immediately makes a rather traditional piece of furniture feel cozy. What really sets the mood for me is scent. For fall, I love the Baltic Amber and Gogi Berry. After Thanksgiving, I'll settle in with some adorable Christmas cards like these from Rifle Paper Co. and 1canoe2, and I'll light up a holiday candle!

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