Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Instead of writing about things that are fabulous, I thought I'd do a little photo post...

My baby girl got her first J.Crew! How freakin' cute is this? This is her first piece of clothing in what I imagine will become an extensive collection!!

And her grandma bought her this amazingly soft pink elephant!

My spiderific candles.

And the skull banner I mentioned yesterday.

A little pampering for me never hurt either. I am a convert to Chanel makeup. More on that next week!

The best thing about today, of which I did not have a picture is that my brother and sister in law are here for the weekend. In the words of Vicki Gunvalson, "Can I get a Woo hoo!"

Have a terrific weekend. Woo hoo it up, whatever you're doing.

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