Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Sometimes on Thursday I scroll through my Pinterest just looking for the right words to express a thought for the week, and I love coming across something I pinned that reminds me of a thing for which I am so grateful, but wasn't planning to write. That's what happened today. I came across this short poem, and it made me think of my own great love. 

Bringing another life into the world makes you look at your partner in a different way. I imagine that many people have gone through this before and can relate. When I found out I was pregnant, I saw a new side of my husband. In thinking about having our own child, we have started talking about things that we had never talked about before. Having known him since we were teenagers, I often think that there is nothing we don't know about each other, nothing new to learn about our pasts. But, I have been reminded recently that there are always new things to learn in a marriage, always new layers to peel away and new ways to deepen your feeling of connectedness. 

Our life is mostly just the two of us. We both work quite hard and don't really have an active social life. Our weekends are primarily spent in each others' company, and frankly, neither of us minds too much. Some days, I am astounded that we can still think of things to say to one another. We have been married for five and a half years (and together for almost thirteen), which is longer than a lot of our friends. Yet, we have waited to have children for some very purposeful reasons. I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade those years alone for anything. We grew up. We got our s*** together. We had some adventures, and we really, truly, deeply got to know one another. And, now we are at a crossroads when I often think that these are the last times that it will be just us. I mourn that some days. I love the peacefulness of being two. But, lately, as I think about the man that my husband is, the kind of husband he has proven to be, I can only imagine the richness that will come to our relationship when we become three, and I am grateful to him for being himself and for making me so confident in our ability to do this together. 

I don't always thank him enough for the ways that he builds me up, sustains me, cares for me, and reassures me. Yesterday afternoon, I sat across from my husband at my parents' kitchen table doing work. We were both typing away, and I looked up and thought, "I love this man." So, I figured, why not tell him? This Friday and many Fridays before (and to come) are fabulous because of you.

There is no time like right now to remind someone how much you love them. Hope you're having a great weekend.

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