Friday, October 11, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I have not been the best at keeping my word. I said this wasn't going to be all baby all the time over here, but I can't help from wanting to share some tidbits every now and then, and today seemed like the day to share some news.

It just so happens that, according to my brother, today is International Day of the Girl Child, which means I couldn't resist. This week we found out we are having a baby girl of our very own! Now when I tell you that I was excited, this is an understatement. J. said he has never seen me as happy as I was when I got that news. I was almost literally bouncing off the walls. I have not been terribly secretive about my strong desire to have a daughter, and my mom has been on that bandwagon too. She told me, "It just has to be a girl. Period." My mom is the oldest girl in her family. I am the oldest girl in mine, and now our baby will be the oldest girl of the next generation. Needless to say, my mom, grandma, and I were all pretty much over the moon. And, as my aunt said, "That's a lot of girl power!" Plus, I can't deny that little girl clothes make me swoon.

On another note, some weird things happen to your body when your pregnant, and some of those things make you really uncomfortable, but when I think about holding my daughter, I don't really mind at all. (Although I do have to admit that starting to see a blonde fuzz on my face the other night when I was getting ready for bed was rather alarming...but I was in a state of bliss so I chose to laugh about it, which is very un-me. Oh yeah...that and wax it. Stat.)

To add to the joy I am feeling this week, next week, I am going to back to CT and NY to visit my family, AND I won tickets to hear Jhumpa Lahiri speak tonight, who is a favorite author of mine.  Basically, best Friday ever. Can't top it. I hope you're having a little happy this Friday. I'm sending out good vibes because I feel like I have enough to share. See you on Monday!

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