Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Beauty

Like an old forgotten friend, I pulled this bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum out of the back of my linen closet the other day and decided to give it another go. I bought it when my hair was short, and it was not quite right for my hair at the time, so I put it on the shelf and used some lighter products while my hair was growing out. But, now that my hair is longer, it really needs something to keep it tamed. It tends to grow in volume the longer it gets, and I haven't had it thinned in a while, so a product that manages to decrease some of the pouf and "skinny-fy" my mane is just the thing I've been looking for.

I am now addicted to this serum and have actually switched out the use of my more expensive Kerastase product (which I now only use on my ends after blow drying). If you have thin or fine hair, this product is not right for you, but if your hair is coarse and thick and you'd like it to look a little skinnier, definitely give this a whirl. My advice is to use the product very sparingly because it does have a thick consistency. This purchase will save you from more budget-busting hair products, and it will last for ages because the bottle is fairly large. Plus, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere gives it her seal of approval, so if you don't believe me, I'm sure you will believe her.

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