Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lovely Lists

I wanted to tell you about a new website that makes finding the best of anything fashion and beauty related a cinch! Many a blogger is participating in a campaign to promote this site. Just to clarify, I'm not one of them. I am not even remotely famous enough. But, I do think the site is pretty cool, so I am sharing it with ya'll just beacuase!

Enter Rank & Style the site that creates top ten lists for everything from running shoes to lip gloss. They curate lists of the best of the best based on "buzz," "best sellers," "user reviews," and "editor's picks." You can also request a list you'd like to see curated.

Part of the reason I love blogs is because the people who write them wade through all the noise out there and offer recommendations on products that are great. Rank & Style makes it easier for bloggers to bring you more options (that perhaps they haven't personally tried) and for anyone else who wants a little more feedback on what they're buying before they commit.

Here are some of the lists I'm enjoying right now:

I am also really excited to see the 10 Best Moto Jackets on Monday!

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