Thursday, September 5, 2013



FEELING: I'm feeling quite happy. I am settling back into my routine. My bob that I came to almost immediately regret from last year is finally growing out to a respectable length. I have some family visits to look forward to in October. The sun is out, and my apartment is only in a state of moderate disarray. I definitely find that I am better when I'm working. I am more productive all around, and I feel better, too. While I miss the lazy days of summer, there is something about working that makes me truly appreciate the weekends and quiet moments. That being said, the best part about Thursday is that it's the day before Friday.

THINKING ABOUT: I am going to answer this one in a special post next week, so stay tuned.

EATING: Have any of you tried Dunkers from Trader Joe's? They are addictive. Someone brought them into my office and I, in a moment of mid-afternoon weakness, tasted them. So sorry I did. Now I love them. They have so much frosting on them, and I have never met frosting I didn't like. Even J, who doesn't eat sweets, thinks these are bananas. Best part? One Dunker (I dare you to eat only one) has only 90 calories.

WATCHING: I have two new shows to tell you about. (Like I really needed to be watching more television...) I started Ray Donovan, which is compelling and really dark. Ray, the main character, is a "fixer" from Boston who works in Hollywood essentially making the already absurdly blessed lives of the rich and famous even easier. He is originally from Boston, as is his wife and two brothers who all now live in the LA area with him. The most horrible/amazing character on the show is certainly his father, played by Jon Voight, who has recently been released early from a 25 year prison sentence. This character is so appalling, but Voight gives a truly brilliant performance as the most morally repugnant character on the show (which is saying something because most of them are pretty bad). Ray's wife is one dimensional and weak, which I don't like, but all in all, I have been enjoying the show. Tune in and tell me what you think. The other show I started over the weekend is Broadchurch, which is a BBC murder mystery. If you are a fan of The Killing, you will like this show. It's a classic whodunnit, and I can't wait to find out!

READING: I know I mentioned this book a while back, but I am finally in the thick of reading Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee. She is a beautiful, lyrical writer and her stories leave you thinking long after you've put down the book. If you want to read a book by someone who can really write, give this one a go.

LOVING: I saw this amazing watch on Design Darling earlier this week, and I can't get it out of my mind. I have been wanting a new watch with a leather strap, and I think this one is oh-la-la perfect. It reminds me of a Hermes watch with a significantly more attainable price tag. Will we ever meet in person? Is this beauty destined to be mine? Only time will tell...

BUMMED OUT ABOUT: I cannot even express to you my devastation over the fact that Breaking Bad has only a few more episodes. This season is so intense, and this show has been consistently phenomenal. I will miss it so. I can't say any more more now or I will start to cry. This momentous occasion (the final episode) will have to have its own post when the time comes. Right now I will continue to live in denial.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Yeah, baby! It's finally summer in San Francisco! Just as the world is gearing up for fall fashion and falling leaves, we are breaking out our shorts because the sun has finally decided to show its face around these parts. It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend, which means that outdoor dining, being on the beach, and taking long walks will finally become enjoyable, and you might only need one layer in case the clouds roll in! Hooray.

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