Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Beauty

Before my sister went to England for the summer, she replaced all her old, crumbling make-up with loads of new goodies. She bought this 'Luxe' eye palette by Bobbi Brown (which, according to the description, seems like it is billed as a selection for brides), and I have been sneakily using it every chance I can get. Usually the problem with palettes is that you like one or two shades, maybe three if you're lucky, and then the rest go unused. Not so with this one. If you are partial to the natural look, you will love every color in this selection. There is a matte cream colored shade to prep the lid, four soft shades with a touch of sparkle, and chocolate brown to use as a liner. Plus, there is a mini eye shadow and eye liner brush for touch ups on the go! Now that my sister and I have had to go back to our lives and are not longer Cape Cod roomies, I am going to have to buy one for myself.

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