Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings

The other night I was commenting on this person and that person on Facebook, all people I barely know or haven't seen in about fifteen years, and my dear husband said to me (because he gets regular updates on people neither of us actually know), "Have you ever heard of taking a Facebook vacation?"

I have heard of this. I have watched various people sign off on Facebook for a few weeks or months. I really didn't think I could do this. How would I have the most up to date gossip on people who have no bearing on my daily life? How, I ask you today. Because this is really important. It is really important to know what someone I met once when I was in third grade thinks about cloth diapers. It is really important that I see pictures of a family vacation of someone I met when I was fifteen. How would I know that her great-aunt is divorced if I took a Facebook vacation? Or how would I know that that girl I really hate from back in the day has a nicer apartment than I do? Would I ever call any of these people? Would I have coffee with them if they were in San Francisco? Would I ever want to be filled in in person on these people's lives? No, not really. Yet, I feel this deep desire to read their status updates and to compare because isn't that what a lot of us are really doing on Facebook? We are seeing how we stack up. 

Every morning when I wake up, I lie in bed, turn off the alarm, check my email, check Facebook, and check Instagram. This is all before I have actually moved from the supine position. At night sometimes, I have to admit, I spend the time  I used to spend reading scrolling through Facebook. That's a bit much if I do say so myself.

Now, I know that a few weeks ago I was ready to swear off Instagram. And now I am threatening myself with a Facebook embargo. Am I becoming a Luddite? Why are technology and I having such an acrimonious relationship lately? Even blogs are starting to stress me out! Luckily, I have J. to keep me in check about that as he reminded me last evening that this blog is "not the *expletive* New York Times." At least that made me laugh.

In short, I am not sure why I am feeling so at odds with technology of late, but maybe the only way to get over it or to see if it really is taking over my life is to try a little hiatus. So, I pose to you the same question that was posed to me. Have you ever taken a Facebook vacation? Would you recommend it? Don't worry, I am not taking a vacation from the blog (and because of the blog I know I have started using social media much more than I used to, so I would have to figure out that side of things), but I might be willing to give at least Facebook a little time off. Imagine what I will be able to do with all those extra hours minutes! Even though people will get married and divorced, wear really cool outfits, and make important diapering decisions that I might not know about, I think I might survive.

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