Friday, August 16, 2013

Fabulous Friday

I was going to say to hell with Fabulous Friday because, frankly, I wasn't feeling so fabulous. This week took some unexpected turns and had me a little frazzled. However, on this Frazzled Friday I did think of something fabulous to share. Sometimes the universe just offers up something that you need to hear or the form of Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest can be a sign from the universe. Thank goodness for all those boards of quotes and words to live by. This one flashed across my scrolling screen yesterday, and it was what I needed to think about:

While I usually let worry set up shop, today I am going to try to make some room for faith. More often than not, things resolve themselves in time, so today I am going to approach the day with that philosophy. Perhaps if you are having a Frazzled Friday too, this will inspire you to do the same. Of course, in all reality, I am not sure that I can ever not worry, but a girl can try. And this is a little reminder to do just that.

Have a fabulous weekend. Here's to less worrying and more wonderful. 

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