Thursday, August 15, 2013


These days are coming to an end! Not ready to say goodbye to summer...

FEELING: I am having lots of mixed feelings. I am writing this on the plane somewhere over the middle of the country, and I am going back to CA for the first time in a month. Part of me is looking forward to the routine of work, something I do admittedly miss during the summer months, but, of course, the other part of me is so sad to leave my family for the long stretch between now and the holidays. I tend to be my best self when working and busy, so I know that getting back to that is good for me, but the beginning of another year is also always fraught with anticipation, anxiety, doubts, and fears amidst the hopefulness and excitement that occasionally find a way to work their way in there. Every year around this time I wonder if I can do it...and somehow, I always do.

THINKING ABOUT: This blog. The summer is a slow time for lots of professions. Last summer, I didn't do much, so I was a relatively voracious blogger. I spent all my free time looking for ideas to write about and putting together posts. This summer, I have actually unplugged myself a bit. I haven't even been reading my daily blogs myself, so I can't fault others for being away from their computers. I think I have gotten into a bit of a creativity rut, which is funny because I have actually been out and about more, which usually helps to generate ideas. But, being in Cape Cod where I pretty much wore gym clothes and no makeup for a few weeks was a welcome breather from the inundation of beauty products, clothing options, sales, promotions, trends, and must-haves. I felt very refreshed. However, that makes for less interesting blogging. I hope to strike a balance in the coming months. All those lovely materialistic things in moderation, and more days spent in gym clothes not giving a damn.

EATING: I am getting into a morning routine of Special K with Protein topped with blueberries and raspberries. Such a good way to start that day.

WATCHING: I am absolutely addicted to Brothers and Sisters. Netflix recommended it to me based on what I had been watching, and it is terrific. If you are a fan of Parenthood, you will like this show. It has a very similar premise (big family, lots of family drama), but I would say it has a slightly darker side than Parenthood. In other words, not so many tears spurred by "Oh my gosh that is so precious" sentiments, but it still gets me to have a good cry every couple of episodes.  I know it is old, so maybe some of you were fans when it was on. If you missed it like I did, all the seasons are on Netflix!

READING: Next up on my list is Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee. I had not heard of it until a colleague gave it rave reviews. I love short stories, so I can't wait to check these out. The NY Times was also a fan.

LOVING: I totally fell for the product placement by a celebrity in the most recent issue of Glamour magazine. I know that Jennifer Aniston is a spokesperson for Aveeno, but when she said that she loved their Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, I bought it. I am so the person that falls for that stuff every time. That being said, it is a gentle exfoliant, and I do really like it. Maybe Jen was telling the truth...If I will look more like her by using it, hell, I'll give it a go. Plus, it's easy on the wallet.

BUMMED OUT ABOUT: Obviously. Leaving my family. I cried. I always do. It never gets easier to say goodbye.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Seeing what this year has in store for me. While it's obviously not New Year, September always feels like the beginning of a new year in my book, and I am excited for the year ahead. It's always kind of fun to think about what stretches before you, and then to look back at all the things that happened the year before. Everyone else probably does this in January. I'm a little off, but nothing new there.

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