Thursday, August 1, 2013


FEELING: Like I want to enjoy every last second of summer before it's over. The beginning of August (today!!) marks the moment I start thinking about fall and going back to work. My intention is to live up every last second of summer and not worry about the fact that my days of freedom are dwindling! Just so happens that I made the executive decision to return to Cape Cod. It wasn't so summery in SF, so it felt like it was time to be by the beach again. And here I am.

THINKING ABOUT: Ew. Work. I have work that is hanging over my head. I need to get it done in the next two weeks, but every day just seems to get away from me...Actually, I am just a huge procrastinator when not working under any time pressure. And emails...If I owe you one, I am getting on it! Perhaps if I just did these things instead of thinking about them, I could spend my energy elsewhere!

EATING: Lobster rolls. They are so incredibly good, and I think they make for the perfect summer meal. I like the cold version with a bit of mayo and some light seasoning. Doesn't hurt if they come with a delicious side of fries...Just saying.

WATCHING: Upon my sister's recommendation, we are watching Orange is the New Black, which depicts the story of an upper class white girl who finds herself in prison for carrying drug money ten years prior. I am only on episode two. So far it is interesting. I am not sure I am totally hooked, but it doesn't take much for me to buy into a show. I heard about the show in January when I was getting my make-up done for my brother's wedding because the make-up artists were also working on this show. When it popped up on my Netflix, I remembered and was intrigued.

LOVING: The beach. I am not usually a big beach person given the fact that I am really sun avoidant, but I spent yesterday at the beach (and snapped that photo above!), and it was beyond relaxing. I read gossip magazines, watched the water, and napped under my umbrella. Perfect, and I can't wait to do it again.

BUMMED OUT ABOUT: Being away from my hubby. I love being by the beach, I love being in the summer weather, and I love spending time with my sister (who is chilling in Cape Cod with me), but I don't love leaving my husband to work in SF. Wish he were here. It's not the same without him.

READING: I just started Lean In. If I'm going to join the revolution, I better read the book! I'll let you know what I think when I get further.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The weekend! My parents are coming up to the Cape, and we plan to keep working on the house and hanging out. Good times are sure to ensue.

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