Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's In My Bag: London Style

Friday is our departure day, so I have been trying to get organized and start packing so I can both pack light and have all the essentials. The weather in London can be very warm or quite cool during the summer, so I think I'll need a little of everything. As far as being the in the city, my sister, who is already there, says shorts are a no-no, which isn't a problem for me because that wouldn't be my first choice anyway. I am planning to try to stay classic in simple, primarily neutral colors, which allows for mixing, matching, and rewearing pieces.

I love a classic button down (blue or white) because it is appropriate everywhere. When traveling, extra bonus points if you can find a good non-wrinkle version. I actually found one I love at Marshall's that is slightly oversized and crisp right out of the dryer. A silk tee is nice for day or evening, and a cool heather gray tee looks great under a blazer or on its own. I like the "Matchstick jeans" from J. Crew, but in the summer I prefer a cropped look. Unfortunately, the ones that are sold as "cropped" are a bit short for my taste, so I had my regular length pair tailored to the perfect spot right above the ankle. A basic dress can also go from day to night. During the day I might pair it with a denim shirt, and at night, some statement jewelry (necklace - earrings - watch) or a scarf can dress it up. Because of the variable weather, a jacket is a must (love this one too), as are neutral, flat sandals--pick ones that are comfortable for walking! While I don't own it, I wish I were carrying this steal of a black bag. How great is that?

Something I always go back and forth on is whether or not it is okay to wear sneakers when traveling. On a long day they are by far the most comfortable choice you can make, but are they a terrible fashion faux pas? Luckily, I came across this Refinery 29 feature yesterday, and it convinced me to go for it! I'll be sporting my Nike Frees. As a carry on bag, I use a Longchamps short handled tote that I got for a steal in the Paris airport. It fits a ton.

Now, I just need to fill the suitcase, and we're off!

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