Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Beauty: Girl on The Go

As you can imagine, I am getting pretty exited about this Friday's pending departure to London! I am thinking about getting packed and ready. I have actually decided to stop off on the East Coast on the way back to get in a little more Cape Cod time before the end of the summer. This means that I am packing for a LONG trip. So, I need to be judicious in what I bring. And, frankly, jettisoning around London and sunbathing on Cape Cod require varied wardrobes. Whenever I go away, I try to pare down my make-up and skin care products so that I am only traveling with things I really use every day. This is what my perfectly stocked travel make-up bag will consist of:

1. After applying a primer, I use a thin layer of Dr. Jart BB Cream to even skin tone. This also gives me my sunscreen.
2. Next I cover any dark spots with concealer. This is where the magic happens!
3. I use a tinted eye brightener for my under eyes. I tend to have dark circles (genetics), and this has a nice consistency to brighten them up.
4. I like a thin layer of bronzer to contour cheek bones and highlight temples. Apply bronzer sparingly where the sun would actually darken your skin.
5. If I am taking only one eye shadow with me, I will take this Cool Lilac Long-Wear shadow by Bobbi Brown. I love the subtle color.
6. A trusty mascara is an absolute must.
7. I also like to use a clear mascara on my brows.
8. This pale pink blush is a favorite. Blush is probably my favorite make-up product.
9. I use this highlighter, as previously mentioned, on my brow and cheek bones.
10. I like a subtle lipstick for day...
11. ...and a bold lipstick for evening.
12. I keep a pressed powder compact with me at all times for touch ups.
13. I carry these oil absorbing sheets in my purse. Use them before applying powder so you are not caking makeup on over oil on your skin.
14. And, to take it all off, these make-up removing towelettes are terrific.

There you have it! This is my beauty kit for gals on the go. Can't wait to pack it up and head out on a jet plane!

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