Friday, July 5, 2013

Fabulous Friday

It is strange when a holiday falls in the middle of the week. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Sunday, so I was thrown off that today is Friday! I hope that many of you extended the weekend and made it a four day extravaganza of fun. In the spirit of fabulousness, I stumbled across this amazing website and had to share it with you. I am not a camping fan, but if I could camp with these glam products, I might be willing to give it a try. How fun are they?

We had an awesome fourth with really great company, delicious food on the grill, and lots of laughs. The s'mores bars I mentioned previously were decadent and delightful. Couldn't have asked for a better afternoon. And, what continues to astound me is that it is actually summer (as in hot) just outside the city! It was the perfect lazy summer day.

If you are enjoying a long weekend, kudos to you! May it be full of lots of lovely summer memories.

On Monday, I am recapping The Bachelorette, so don't miss it! Happy weekend!

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