Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Beauty: Supple Apothecary

Supple Apothecary in Orleans, MA
I had the wonderful fortune of getting a facial last weekend at Supple Apothecary in Orleans, MA. If you've been reading along, you know that I have been bemoaning the condition of my skin for a good six months now. It probably would have been less if I had had this facial long ago. Not only did I feel like my skin was finally taking a chill pill when I was finished, but I had actually settled down quite a bit myself, which is nothing short of a miracle. Cheaper than therapy and more restorative, I'd say.

I first heard about this location when I came across the house tour of the owner, Alison Supple-Evans. When I realized that her new apothecary was just minutes away from the family house in Eastham, I knew I had to stop by. All of the products are natural, sleek, and beautifully packaged. The store itself is calming in its simplicity.

My facial was performed by Kelly, and she was absolutely lovely. She gave me great feedback about my skin (which I asked for), about what I was doing that wasn't really working for me, and what I might change. (Stay turned next week for my new and improved skin care regimen.) When I was done with the hour long, customized facial, she recommended some products that I might try. By the time I drove back to the house, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. It was visibly less irritated and much more moisturized. I continued to see improvements the next day.

Alison & Kelly

But, the best part of a visit to Supple (I know-it is hard to believe there is an even better part than witnessing a skin miracle) is certainly the warmth and wisdom of Alison and Kelly. They are beyond lovely. I was sitting outside waiting for my mom to finish her facial and Allison came out to offer me a cold drink! If I lived closer, I would probably stop by every day just to say "Hi." Lucky for me, Supple started out in Berkeley. Alison sold that location to move to Cape Cod, but she and the new owner still collaborate. So, when I need my fix and can't get to Orleans, I can pop over to Berkeley for a tune up. This is truly an indulgent experience worth every penny.

Thank you, lovely ladies! I can't wait to come back!

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