Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings: Currently

As usual, I am feeling inspired by Ashley. She posted this post last week (which she was inspired to write by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet who does "Currently" posts weekly), and I thought it would be fun to do one too. So, here we go.

FEELING: I am feeling content. I am enjoying the last two days of my vacation with my husband and parents. I generally suffer from an ailment I like to call "slow-to-warm-up-itis." I am so ridiculous that I actually have to get used to people when I haven't seen them for a while (regardless of how close I am to said people--this includes my husband). So, when I arrive at my parents' after a long absence, even though I have been missing them and wanting to see them like a crazy lady, I am withdrawn until my warming up period passes. I know. I am a freak. But, once it passes, I never want to leave. I get the same way about summer vacation. It takes me a little while to find my groove. But when I do, watch out. I get real comfortable real fast. And that is the place I'm at right about now...full on vacation mode and full on chillin'.

THANKFUL FOR: Time. I am so lucky to have a job that affords me time to pursue my passions. I can write, read, blog, travel, and explore because I have almost three full months a year to do so. Time is one of the greatest gifts a person can have, I think. Now the key is taking advantage of it and not watching tv for three months straight. Easier said than done, but more on that to come...

THINKING ABOUT: What am I not thinking about? Everyday in my mind is like Grand Central Station. Geez. Frankly, the last few days have been a little respite from so much thinking, and I think I could get used to that.

EATING: Way too much. Damn vacation.

WATCHING: Parenthood. I have started watching this at the gym, which is terrible because every.single.episode makes me cry. Not just a stray tear, but the I-am-pretending-to-wipe-my-sweat-but-I-am-actually-blowing-my-nose-into-my-towel kind of cry, which is actually hard to do while running or using the elliptical. (If that isn't a first world problem then I don't know what is.) I love this show. You should definitely watch it.

LOVING: My new pajamas from Marigot. They are so beachy and summery. I decided that as someone who likes to wear pajamas more than regular clothes, I should grow up and get some real ones with the intention of (eventually) retiring my favorite uniform of old sweatpants and stretched out tees. So glad I did. I have also noticed that I really love making parenthetical comments. I just can't get enough of them. (Is that annoying?)

BUMMED OUT ABOUT: The horrible weather. I came to Cape Cod with a bag stocked with shorts and tanks only to be wearing my sister's rain boots, wool socks, and rain coat for the majority of the time I've been here. Ugh. I could have stayed in San Francisco for this nonsense. That being said, I think today is going to be a sunny one!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Did I mention that I am going to London next month?!

(Ashley also included "LISTENING" and "READING," but since I covered one here and have one to come this week, I didn't want to be redundant!)

What's current in your life? Check back tomorrow for a special Tuesday Beauty post!

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