Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jump in!

What do we think? Are jumpsuits/rompers a fashion "yes" or a faux pas? Aside from the obvious challenge of using the bathroom in one, I think they are rather I alone in this? Anthropologie has a terrific selection of rompers. (Me, being me, wishes the shorts were a little longer. However, I suppose that would make them horribly uncool.)

Jumpsuits even come in the fancy and terribly fashionable variety. 

I would totally rock one of these if I had any sort of special occassion that required a fancy jumpsuit.

What's your vote? Yes? No? Maybe-so?

GARNET HILL romper - ANTHRO light blue - ANTHRO orange lace - ANTHRO red floral - ANTHRO black - ONE jumpsuit  -A.L.C jumpsuit

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