Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Beauty: Hair Care

Kerastase, Kiehl's, Bumble and Bumble
I have really thick hair. I am also in the process of growing it out. Most men love long hair. My husband says when it gets too long I look like a pinhead. (He says this, of course, in the nicest way possible. Obviously.) I work hard to get my hair under control because it is that texture that isn't straight or wavy. It is just a little cray cray. I have committed to washing my hair no more than every other day, and that helps because it takes me forever to make it look presentable. (I know some people wash it once a week, and I aspire to be more like them. Someday.) This is what I am using right now:

I wash with Kiehl's Amino Acid shampoo, condition with Amino Acid conditioner (I just recently switched to this from the Forumla 133, which was more of a detangler), then I apply a heat protectant and a serum. To finish, sometimes I use a color protector/UV protector. (If I am just going to bed--because I do my hair at night---I skip this step.) The Bumble and Bumble will be good in the sunny weather, but I am not religious about using it. On the other hand, I am in love with Kerastase. It is expensive. Really expensive, but it is the top of the line in hair products, and I am insanely vain about my hair. Right now, my hair and I are in a fight because I hate the length, but if I am patient and stop myself from getting "necessary" trims, I am hoping it will be long and luxurious in no time.

Speaking of hair, Connie Britton, the hot mamma from Friday Night Lights, was named in People Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" issue and wrote a thank you on behalf of her hair, which apparently has its own Twitter and Tumblr! This lady is funny, smart (she went to Dartmouth), and hot. Lucky her. Apparently she skips shampoo...If I could look like Connie, I might consider it.

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