Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings: Sing your heart out, baby.

As promised, I am here to talk about one of my favorite singing shows, The Voice. This season is all about the new blood. These two certifiably insane people judges are out:

Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera on The Voice

 And these two are in:

Shakira and Usher on The Voice

Anyone else think we've upgraded? Usher generally says things that make absolutely no sense, so he was clearly recruited to fill the void created by Cee-Lo's (and his parrot's) absence. At this point, I have a full on girl crush on Shakira. She is just the cutest thing ever. She always says nice things to the contestants, and she has amazing skin. Done and done. I am totally loving her, especially when I compare her to good old X-Tina. Although, I did get a little fearful this past week. Up to this point, Shakira has shown that she has a cool, fun, and appropriate-for-all-audiences sense of style as evidenced by her ensembles in the first few weeks of the show.

Exhibit A:

Shakira on The Voice

Exhibit B:

Shakira on The Voice

Tasteful. Anyone would approve, right? Wrong. Anyone except good old X-Tina. You know she is sitting at home screaming at the tv, "More boobs! More boobs!" Because, you might remember, X-Tina loves showing her boobs. Unfortunately, I think that someone on the crew of The Voice heard X-Tina's plea because this happened:

Shakira on The Voice

Beautiful Shakira brought the boobs in this terrible ice-skater costume. You think this had nothing to do with X-Tina? Think again.

Christina Aguilera on The Voice

Someone is happy. 

The singing is always the least entertaining part of the show. Unfortunately, my absolute favorite, Mary Miranda, got knocked off early. This probably happened because she couldn't seem to open her eyes. She generally looked slightly stoned and aggressively unenthusiastic. If those weren't reasons to keep her on the show, I don't know what would have done it.

Mary Miranda on The Voice
Mary Miranda on The Voice

RIP Mary. You are missed. Now that you have some free time, maybe you can take a nap.

A large portion of the remaining contestants look and sound exactly the same. Thankfully, we still have the unique vocal styling of Michelle Sham-wow Chamuel keeping it fresh and introducing me to my new favorite song. (By the way, after you watch the real video, check out this one.) One suggestion: Could someone get a hairstylist on this case? K, thanks. 

Michelle Chamuel on The Voice

In case you are extremely bored, unemployed, or me, there are at least four hours of this show to be watched every week, so tune in! Happy Monday.

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