Friday, May 24, 2013

Fabulous Friday

It's Friday again! While I am usually chomping at the bit for the weekend, this one is a little different. I finished my last full day of work for semester, but now the hard work of reading papers, writing reports, and generally trying to see the light through the mounds of papers has begun! I have about ten days to go to the finish line. I need to make this a working weekend. Boo to that. But, yay to the little moments of beauty in my week.

1. Peonies are all abloom at Trader Joe's. They are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Peonies from Trader Joe's

2. A basil gimlet and a fresh manicure.

Basil gimlet
3.  Finally getting to wear the beautiful ring I got for my birthday after having to wait for a different size to become available. I think I'm in love.

Birthday present ring
Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I will be spending this evening in a luxury box at the Giant's game. Somebody got the hook up... I don't really love baseball, but I do love living it up with friends on a beautiful Friday night!

What are you up to on this long weekend? Hope it's something Fabulous.

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