Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Breaks are the best part of working - M. Levy

When vacation is almost close enough to touch, I have trouble getting down to business. However, one of my best qualities is that I deal with personal stress by throwing myself into work. Because I have been rather emo lately (cue the music) I have been extremely productive. That's good, right?

During these days, I look forward to little treats to keep myself on task. On this fabulous Friday, I thought I'd share a few things that perk me up:

Blogs: I do really love reading blogs. I try to stagger my reading throughout the day so when I need a little mental vacation, I visit Ashley, Emily, Molly and Sally, Mackenzie, Liz, and Garance. Beauty is calming. Om.

Hersey Kisses: I have one Hersey Kiss everyday after lunch. I look forward to it all morning. Delicious.

The Good Wife: Throw this show up on the iPad, work it out on the elliptical, and feel accomplished. Yesterday, I watched the season finale and didn't get off the machine until the show was over. That's motivation.

The Voice: It's BAAAAACCCK! X-Tina is gone, but we rock on for insane amounts of hours every week. More on that next week. Full recap to come.

Fruit is back at the Farmer's Market: It's been a long winter, but all the delicious fruit of summer is starting to make an appearance. I spent an exorbitant amount of money on produce last weekend and enjoyed every morsel of it.

Counting down the days until I head to the East Coast: In two weeks, I will visit with my sister before she heads to London for a summer program. After she leaves, J. and I are headed to Cape Cod where we will celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. (I plan to visit this spa gem, Supple Apothecary, I just read about. Yay!) Keeping my eye on the prize.

And, when it's been a really long week and none of those little things turn my frown upside down, I always like a good snuggle with my hubs on the couch. Cures most things. (That and a glass of wine...)

What are the little "breaks" that get you through the week? Do tell. Maybe I can add some more to my list.

Have an amazing weekend, and let's talk about tv next week! So much to catch up on!

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