Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream Room: Bedroom Design - Finishing with Furniture

I am coming to the end of the design for Annie's dream bedroom. After giving her the options for bedding, she was surprised that she liked the grey and white stripes. That got me to thinking about how I could incorporate those colors into the whole room. So, this might not be how I started, but I kind of like where I've ended up. Obviously, in a room you have to take into consideration the dimensions and proportions of furniture, the amount of furniture, the way you want to light the room, what kind of window treatments you prefer, etc. Also, you want to think about how shades of colors might vary in person and in different lights. But, this is a rough sketch of some core pieces I think might be great.
Bedroom furniture from C. Wonder, Furbish, and Pottery Barn.

Lighting: If the room were to have an overhead light, I think that this white fixture would be great. For the dresser, perhaps, I picked this gray gourd shaped lamp. For the bedside, I might do something like this.

Furniture: We decided on this terrific bed with a great shape to its headboard. (Pillows: Furbish and C. Wonder) I think the room needs one if not two nightstands. I like breaking up all the white with something metal like this option from Pottery Barn. I also think that a tray stand like the one from West Elm could be terrific for a second nightstand. It is easy to move should you need that surface elsewhere in the room. I love having a bench at the end of a bed. I also think a chair to read, or to sit in to use the computer, or to chat on the phone is great. I threw in two ottomans because I like putting my feet up on a pouf, personally, and this Moroccan inspired ottoman is just so pretty, I couldn't resist. Annie mentioned that she will have a large closet, but this dresser has a top that could be used as a vanity, which I love. Hang that to-die-for mirror above the vanity for a beautiful combination.

Pops of color: I like the idea of color in an area rug and pillows. These are easily switched out should your tastes change. You could also add a throw at the end of the bed, some colorful trays to corral loose objects and items on the vanity, a vase, prints on the wall, the list goes on. Annie mentioned having blue in the room somewhere, and I could see some ginger jars looking beautiful somewhere.

So, how'd we do?

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